An Ecosystem Called Climate Space

25.06.2021, by Giacomo Luperini

The program of the Climate Space Festival is growing richer by the day. Starting on June 30th, the Melpignano-based event will host an exhibition of never-before-seen backstage photos from the set of Elegy for the Arctic, the 15 million-view video created by Ludovico Einaudi for Greenpeace.

There is a substantial difference between an ecosystem and a group of species. When we create an aquarium based purely on our aesthetic sense, for instance, we tend to put together a hodgepodge of species that are entirely dependent on our outside intervention. What separates an aquarium from a lake, or woods, is the unique, one-in-a-million interaction between the many species that form its ecosystem, allowing for a dynamic balance which leads to self-sufficiency.

The Climate Space festival program is growing richer by the day, with the addition of even more new events: from a wide-ranging concert schedule to different activities promoted by a network of associations throughout the region of Puglia, and even an exhibition of artistic backstage photos from Ludovico Einaudi’s “Elegy for the Arctic”.

From June 30th through July 4th, indeed, the renowned pianist-composer and original creator of Climate Space will take part in the festival with his “Elegy for the Arctic, Backstage Diary” exhibition, open to the public every day from 11 AM to 9 PM. The exhibition comprises 23 never-before-seen photos shot by Ludovico himself while filming his eponymous video for Greenpeace, in which he played his elegy on a floating platform in front of Norway’s Wahlenbergbreen glacier. The video, shot over the course of a 2-day stay in the Arctic Sea and made with the purpose of promoting the creation of a protected area, quickly spread worldwide gaining over fifteen million views.

But let’s talk in more detail about the music, the feather in Ponderosa Music & Art’s cap. A concert by Matthew Herbert, scheduled for the evening of July 3d but scrapped due to quarantine reasons, will be more than satisfactorily replaced with a performance by Frida Bollani Magoni. Many other artists, hand-picked for their focus on the festival’s themes, will then take turns playing on the Melpignano stage, including Lucio Corsi (June30th), Vasco Brondi (July 1st), Claver Gold & Murubuto (July 3d) and The Vegetable Orchestra (July 4th). Live music performances will also accompany the screenings of short movies, starting on June 30th with “4Est Suite” by Collettivo 21, about the Vaia storm. On July 2nd at 11 PM, right after their 9.30 PM performance,  Ballaké Sissoko and Redi Hasa will play the background score to the movie “The Fisherman”. On July 3d, the opening concert by Mauro Durante and Justin Adams will be followed by a performance by Populus, adding their live sound to screenings of “The Beauty” and “Mourning Country”. Finally, on July 4th, Giulio Bianco will provide the narrating musical voice to the movie Lost Word.


The festival will also feature a plethora of experiences to help visitors understand and explore its environmental themes, thanks to the newly created “Friends of Climate Space” network, which you can visit here. The network joins together a group of associations, foundations, museums and professionals who are locally engaged in a daily commitment to deal with the environmental issues addressed by the festival. A network of entities with deep ties to the region, so that the search for a better future may continue long after the festival is over. Some of them have also joined a “Beyond the Festival” initiative, organizing activities, excursions, conferences and guided tours for all participants throughout the festival’s run: a full list of activities and contact details for reservations will soon be available on our Facebook and Instagram page. The festival’s youngest visitors (and everyone else) will also have the chance to take part in a variety of workshops focused on environmental education and managed by the students of Salento University. Bookings for workshops are mandatory and already available on the festival website.


In conclusion, the festival’s aim is high: to promote the creation of an ecosystem in which different topics, modes of expression and territories, though addressed separately, will in the end prove to be closely interconnected and linked by a common purpose.


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