Climate Space: Artistic and Environmental Education

29.11.2021, by Giacomo Luperini

The schedule of environmental education and information events connected to the Climate Space festival, running from December 1st through the 18th at Milan’s Teatro Dal Verme, is finally available online.

The schedule of environmental education and information events connected to the Climate Space festival, running from December 1st through the 18th at Milan’s Teatro Dal Verme, is finally available online.

Since its inception in 2019, the Climate Space festival has strived to create immersive spaces in which to confront the themes connected to the current climate crisis, sparing no effort to move away from cold clinical data, eco-anxiety and fruitless debates.

Every effort is necessary to contribute to a positive change in society. Through the years, the festival has featured photographs by Ludovico Einaudi, round tables of directors, activists and scientists, and interventions by environmental groups fighting to defy the consequences of the climate crisis, as well as concerts and live sound additions, aiming to provide an extra layer of emotion to cinematic images and themes.

The Climate Space Film & Music Festival, held in Melpignano over the summer, is now back in Milan with a new and essential ally: environmental education. A choice aiming to further involve the younger generations, who are already very attuned to this theme, environmental education is a perfect match to the festival’s core ideas, put in practice through an informal, artistic and play-based approach.

Environmental education makes a grand comeback with this year’s Climate Space festival held at Milan’s Teatro dal Verme. Nine environmental education professionals will lead seven days of workshops with the boys and girls of Milan’s Liceo Artistico Umberto Boccioni, who for years now have been engaged in artistic/scientific projects on these very topics.

In line with past editions, each day will begin with the screening of a short movie specifically selected to introduce and analyze each environmental workshop.

We kick off on December 2nd with Fausto Pistoja and Monica Lazzarini, representing Oasi Lipu Bosco Del Vignolo, who will lead the workshop Plant Blindness for a day focusing on “Reforestation” introduced by the short movie “Forest Man”.

On December 3d, after a screening of “Ranger”, “wolfologist” and expert Mia Canestrini will offer a workshop on the symbology of wolves through the millennia, aiming at discovering and engaging with the contemporary myths about this animal.

On December 9th, Cooperativa VERDEACQUA will take to the stage, with Alberto Mattavelli and Adriana Geraci leading a workshop entitled “Dal mare al banco del pesce” (“From the Sea to the Fishmonger’s”), centered around the themes of aquaculture and sustainable fishing. The workshop will be preceded by a screening of the short movie “Monsieur Oyster”.

On December 14th, the duo formed by Silvia Crema from Volpe Rossa and Francesco Perucco from Tyrrhenos Experientia Naturae will confront the difficult relationship between animal rearing and sustainability in a workshop called “Il mondo che indosso” (“The World I’m Wearing”), accompanied by a short movie called “Le custodi dell’oro delle Ande” (“Custodians of Andes Gold”).

On December 15th, Associazione Amici dei Boschi will bring the Pavia woodlands to Milan with an eco-agricultural workshop called “Lo sai fare un buon caffè?” (“Can You Make a Good Coffee?”), focusing on the theme of agriculture in a changing world and introduced by the short movie “It’s been too hot”.

Silvia Migliavacca from Lontanoverde and Fausto Pistoja from Oasi Lipu Bosco Del Vignolo will once again face the topic of reforestation in a workshop entitled “Una vita per le piante” (“A Life For Plants”) and with the help of short movie “The Church Forests of Ethiopia”.

The days devoted to environmental education will reach their grand finale on December 17th, again with Francesco Perucco from Tyrrhenos Experientia Naturae and Silvia Crema from Volpe Rossa, who will engage their “Deserto Biodiverso” (“Biodiverse Desert”) workshop in a dialogue with the short movie “Rann”.

Unfortunately, in order to submit to Covid restrictions, all morning lessons in environmental education will be exclusively restricted to the attending class. It will, however, be possible to reserve a spot to take part in the evening screenings of short movies and listen to talks by the festival’s special guests. The up-to-date schedule and reservation page can already be accessed online on the Climate Space official website.


LIPU Bosco del Vignolo

Mia Canestrini


Volpe Rossa


Associazione Amici dei Boschi



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