Verucchio Festival 2022

26 luglio / 31 luglio 2021

Il Verucchio Music Festival propone musica e spettacoli di qualità senza vincolo di genere.

Break in jazz

12 May / 16 June 2021

Break in Jazz comes to its 25th edition and presents a special program at the dehors of Volvo Studio Milano. The project was created to give an opportunity to perform live to the alumni of the Civici Corsi di Jazz, the prestigious Milanese school founded and directed by the maestro Enrico Intra.

Verucchio Festival

23 July / 31 July 2021

Verucchio is a small town located in the Rimini province and it has ancient origins – dating back to the Villanova civilization. The historic center is of great cultural value; therefore, it has become a tourist destination during the years.


27 June / 25 July 2021

Most of the renowned and appreciated protagonists of the international music scene have been bringing to life f a unique event for more than forty years. The artistic quality and sophistication of the performers merge into the Monfortinjazz program to offer to an increasingly international audience a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Villa Arconati FAR – Music Festival 2021

25 June / 17 July 2021

Since 1989 during the warm summer evenings, hundreds of contemporary “travelers” come to Castellazzo to listen to a concert performed by nationally and internationally renowned musicians.

La Musica dei Cieli

19 June / 3 August 2021

LA MUSICA DEI CIELI is a festival that since 1996 promotes the meeting and dialogue between cultures through the music of spirituality, presenting a series of coordinated concerts in places of worship, theaters, and music venues in Lombardy and other important Italian cities.

Piano City Milano

25, 26, 27 June 2021

Piano City Milano è il primo festival diffuso di Milano, nato nel 2011, cresce negli anni e si evolve accompagnando la metamorfosi e la rinascita di Milano.

Climate Space. Film & Music Festival

30 June / 4 July 2021

Climate Space alimenta l’immaginario di un nuovo mondo sostenibile in divenire e di cui ciascuno di noi può essere attore. #climatespace2021


autumn 2021

JAZZMI is a network of synergies that collaborate for the growth, development, and circulation of jazz. It is an innovative project which will link one hundred locations in the city of Milan and the most important media partners and cultural institutions.


Il tour estivo di Ludovico Einaudi tra natura e storia umana

Oasi naturali, parchi rupestri, siti archeologici, altipiani e anfiteatri. Il tour estivo di Ludovico Einaudi tra natura e storia umana.

Jazz and the Future, the Future of Jazz

Jazz, after all, is a peculiar genre: drawing life from the heritage of its past great masters, of course, but at the same time constantly reinventing itself and, in this day and age, offering a veritable manifesto about the meaning of the word “change”. Jazz, like a sponge, absorbs everything around it: history, landscapes, the evolution of humanity and social needs. Within this constant change it must make no excuses, but always look towards the future.