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Redi Hasa was born in Tirana in 1977 in a family of artists – his mother played the cello, his father was a classical dancer, and his brother a pianist – and developed a great passion for the cello from a very young age. His music is a hybridization between different genres, precisely between the rigor of classical music and the vehemence of popular music, which, over the years, created his typical fluid and assorted sound.

Experimentation and improvisation are the two fundamental elements of his collaboration with Maria Mazzotta, with whom he published two albums: Ura in 2014 for Finis Terrae and Novilunio, produced in 2017 by Ponderosa Music & Art. In 2020 he released his most recent album The Stolen Cello, together with Ponderosa Music & Art, which was then presented during a special streaming concert in December 2020 as part of La Musica dei Cieli.

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My Nirvana

When Tirana heard Nirvana, the Country of the Eagles was suffering the consequences of the civil war. The mighty magnet of “Nevermind” pulled out all the good iron from the ruins of a regime that had been banning Western music for half a century. Despite their efforts, banned music was circulating underground, as secret and precious as an audio samizdat.

The Stolen Cello

Redi Hasa released his first solo album, The Stolen cello, after having worked for many years as part of Ludovico Einaudi’s band and having played for the ambitious project Seven Days Walking (2019). Redi performed alongside Einaudi and violinist Federico Mecozzi for the most prestigious theaters and stages in the world.


Novilunio is the title of the second album of Redi Hasa and Maria Mazzotta, the Albanian cello and the Salentinian voice that in 2010 reinvented the musical traditions of their motherlands.


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