Redi Hasa


Music has always been a part of Redi Hasa’s life. Born in Tirana in 1977 in a family of artists (with a cello teacher as a mother, a classical dancer as a father and a pianist as a brother) Redi grew up among instruments and scores. His cello studies at the Conservatory were abruptly interruptedby the civil war that broke out in 1997 in Albania so the following year he managed to reach Puglia, where he wasadmitted with a scholarship to the Tito Schipa Conservatoryin Lecce.

In Italy he starts his career, which will take him on stagesall over the world, but Redi never forgets his origins and hisland to which he dedicates his first solo album, “The stolencello” (Ponderosa Music & Art / Decca Records 2020).

The cellist loves the hybridization between differentmusical genres, in particular blending the rigor of classicaltraining with the immediacy of popular traditions and developing an approach to liquid and hybrid sound, whichhas distinguished him over the years.

In the early 2000s he contributed to bring the rhythms of Balkan music to Salento. In 2012 he met Ludovico Einaudi, concertmaster at the “Notte della Taranta”, who includedHasa permanently in his ensemble with which he performeson the stages of hundreds of cities in several continents; later, his collaboration with Einaudi continues in the formation in trio for the ambitious project “Seven DaysWalking”.

At the same time he carries on other projects, such as theduo with the accordionist Rocco Nigro and “Hasa-Mazzotta” with the singer Maria Mazzotta, a Mediterraneanbridge that unites repertoires and popular suggestions from Italy, Albania and later also France and North Africa.

The meeting with Robert Plant, leader of the famous rock band Led Zeppelin, led him to record, in 2017, three tracks of Plant’salbum “Carry fire”. In the same year he worked on the recording of the Blonde Redhead album “3 O’clock”.

In 2019 he signed the original project “Bach is Back”, which ideally places the master of classical music mastersin dialogue with traditional Albanian polyphonic singing, a Unesco heritage. In the course of a twenty-year career he has played with the Italian Popular Orchestra, King NaatVeliov, Kocani Orkestra, Ambrogio Sparagna, Mauro Pagani, Rita Marcotulli, Pacifico and many others.

In 2020 he released his first solo album produced for Ponderosa Music & Art in collaboration with the prestigious Decca Records, which hosts in its repertoire international artists such as Mercan Dede, Alva Noto, AkinSevgör and Ludovico Einaudi himself. The album wasrecorded by Tim Oliver at the Real World Studios.

“The stolen cello” is an ideal homage to Hasa’s migranthistory. In fact, the title refers to his escape to Italy, takingwith him his most precious possession, a “stolen” cello, temporarily stolen from the Tirana Academy in order to take the entrance exam at the Lecce Conservatory. The songs are a touching and delicate journey in the Albanianmemories of Hasa: from the imposing profile of the Dajti, the mountain of Tirana, to the sea travel to reach Italy, from the mass assault against the international embassies in 1990, to the cherry tree of the his kindergarten.

Redi Hasa shares an enthralling album cover of Nirvana titles My Nirvana. The album was released in 2022






November Under the Banner Of Ponderosa

High-quality music joining together Sweden, Spain and Italy for a November under the banner of Ponderosa.

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