Redi Hasa


Novilunio is the title of the second album of Redi Hasa and Maria Mazzotta, the Albanian cello and the Salentinian voice that in 2010 reinvented the musical traditions of their motherlands.

Two complementary talents that draw inspiration from one another in a perfect fusion of the lavish, lyrics, and introspective sound of the cellist that Ludovico Einaudi always wants at his side and one of the main voices protagonist of the Salentinian Renaissance, bright and thaumaturgic. A deep-rooted and respectful partnership that is, at the same time, creative and experimental, a symbolic union of the night and the light archetype.

Novilunio marks an opening of the horizon, a new trajectory. Produced by Alberto Fabris and recorded by the phonic genius Tim Oliver at the Real World Studio in London, it presents eight original songs and two traditional ones. While listening to Novilunio, its silent and influential volume is clear, the impulse to look for new paths. The new paths that this record travels and that is titled after them.


1. “E’ Tiempu” – 03:53
2. “Aux Souvenirs” – 04:20
3. “Capufrisca” – 03:45
4. “Novilunio” – 05:09
5. “25 Trecce” – 03:47
6. “Contine” – 02:37
7. “Woodroom” – 02:03
8. “Cu Ti Lu Dissi” – 02:41
9. “Il Mondo Di Rosso e Di Blu” – 03:02
10. “Libro D’Amore” – 06:22
11. “Shtatë e Bukur” – 03:26 (iTunes Digital Bonus Track)

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