Giovanni Truppi’s Adventure

Giovanni Truppi

09.07.2021, by Luca Testoni

Music and writing are Giovanni Truppi’s daily bread.

In the summer of 2020, as he emerged like all of us from the first Covid lockdown, Neapolitan singer-songwriter Giovanni Truppi loaded up his portable piano onto a trailer and kicked off a truly special tour, starting from Ventimiglia and Trieste, which he called “A Journey Along the Borders of Italy”. It was inspired by “The Long Road of Sand”, a book by Pier Paolo Pasolini which recounts a similar journey undertaken by the writer in 1959. The chronicle of Testoni’s travels, accompanied by his voice and piano, is now at the center of a book, newly released by independent publisher La Nave di Teseo, called “L’avventura” (“The Adventure”). From the book’s notes:

One stop after another, the Italian coast unravels like a slow and unavoidable family reel through the simple, bare-bone words exchanged with campsite managers, local tourists, friends and relatives tracked down along the way, while watching swarms of kids on the seafronts and saints’ processions, old people embracing in front of sunsets, day laborers in fields and hidden huts, small crowds made lethargic by the heat, their flip-flops buried in the sand of late docks, covered by miles towards crystal-clear, solitary swimming spots.

Therein lies the greatest virtue of Truppi’s book: being able to describe a seemingly minor side of Italy, perfect in its modernity, awakening memories that connect us all, through every summer’s generation, as we constantly long for the next one.

The book’s publishing has been accompanied by a song of the same name released by Virgin.

To celebrate the release of his book, the Neapolitan artist, born in 1981, will take part in a series of meet-and-greet sessions, including two in the month of July. On July 13th, Truppi will appear as part of the Rapsodia Festival in Misano Adriatico (Rimini), and on July 25th he will be in Maruggio, near Taranto, for the third edition of Porto Rubino. During the first session, beginning around 9.30 PM, Truppi will chat with Emiliano Visconti. In the second session, starting at 9 PM, he will be interviewed by Gino Castaldo. Each session will be followed by a short live performance.


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