Undiscovered and Movies, a Pairing Worth Discovering

24.09.2021, by Luca Testoni

As we wait to be delighted by his new composition, why not discover or rediscover Ludovico Einaudi’s previous two albums, released between 2020 and 2021?

When it comes to “Undiscovered” we find ourselves before a very substantial selection bringing together well-known pieces and previously unreleased tracks hand-picked by the maestro himself with the aim to spotlight works that have not received the attention they deserve in the span of his musical career. «It was nice for me to look back, to dust off my memories, to be surprised and in a way to rediscover myself, creating a new string made with pearls from my past», Einaudi wrote when speaking of this work.

The collection includes about twenty tracks, some of which are live performances of pieces such as “La Nascita” (performed in Berlin) and “In un’altra vita” (performed at Milan’s La Scala theatre); there is also a remix of “Experience” by Philadelphia producer Paul “Starkey” Geissinger; a cover version of the Rolling Stones’ “Lady Jane”; a vocal version of “Nuvole bianche”; the score written for the movie “The Third Murder”, previously released exclusively for the Japanese market; as well as an array of collaborations: from Berlin brothers Ronald and Robert Lippok to Malian musician Ballaké Sissoko, to Greta Scavo Bech, a singler hailing from the Fær Øer islands. In sum: a 25-year career condensed into 90 minutes of music, to celebrate the talent and eclecticism of an artist who has now become the most-streamed contemporary classical musician in the world.

We then have “Cinema”. Another compilation (remember when we used to call them that?) that constitutes proof of the successful and long-standing collaboration between Einaudi’s music and the world of movies and tv shows. A total of 28 tracks taken from Ludovico’s albums as well as pieces written especially for the silver screen. Their common denominator is the fact that Ludovico’s music knows no boundaries and is beloved by directors on both sides of the Atlantic. His pieces were included in the score for Nanni Moretti’s “Aprile” as well as independent movies such as “This is England” (and its TV sequel “This is England 90”) or “The Third Murder” by Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda; they appeared in the touching French blockbuster “The Untouchables” as well as in recent Oscar winner “Nomadland”, where a typically American nomadic sensibility has found its counterpoint in the Piedmontese composer’s creations.

Two previously unreleased tracks make this collection particularly attractive to Einaudi connoisseurs: the title track from the Russell Crowe movie “The Water Diviner”, and “My Journey”, from the wonderful score written for “The Father”, the movie which won Anthony Hopkins an Oscar for Best Actor.


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