Francesco Bianconi


Francesco Bianconi, born in 1975 and leader of the Italian band Baustelle since 1997, is one of the most appreciated songwriters and authors in the Italian panorama, these characteristics emerged both from his important contribution to Baustelle and from his solo career.

Together with Ponderosa Music & Art he published in 2020 his first solo album Forever, featuring artists like Balanescu Quartet, Michele Fedrigotti, Rufus Wainwright, Eleanor Friedbeger, Thomas Bartlett, KAZU, Hindi Zahra, Enrico Gabrielli, Mirko Mariani e Ivan A. Rossi.

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Forever in Technicolor

Forever in Technicolor is a double vinyl coming out for BMG and Ponderosa Music & Art, and containing the complete first solo project by Francesco Bianconi.


On the 16th of October 2020 Forever, the first solo project by Francesco Bianconi was released for BMG and Ponderosa Music & Art. It is a pure and minimalist effort for which the songwriter decided to put himself out there, stripping himself of superfluous elements to focus only on the songs.


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