Jazzmi 2021, The First Names Have Been Announced

09.09.2021, by Giacomo Luperini

Our long wait is finally over: JAZZMI is beginning to reveal its first dates and prestigious performers, and it does so by staying true to its roots, with the firm belief in the healing power of music and its ability to help us face these challenging times. 

As always, the festival co-produced by Associazione JAZZMI, Ponderosa Music & Art and Triennale Milano Teatro, in collaboration with Blue Note Milano and directed by Luciano Linzi and Titti Santini, will develop in many different directions with one objective in common: to spread and cultivate the love for jazz. A musical dedication spreading to every corner of Milan, with great concerts, breakthrough talents, special events and much, much more.

Several of the performers were announced during a press conference on September 2nd, though we will have to wait until the end of the month for the full program to be released. While we wait, here are the concerts that have been announced so far:

Richard Bona & Alfredo Rodriguez

We begin with Richard Bona & Alfredo Rodriguez. Richard Bona, a New Yorker of Cameroonian origin, is a bassist and composer from a Griot family who was steeped in music from a very early age. The intimate connections he is able to create with his audiences, as well as the thoughtful and significant topics he tackles during his shows, have soon turned him into a much sought-after performer on the international jazz scene. Alfredo Rodriguez shares Richard’s musical roots, being himself from a family of musicians. Another American citizen from a different land (in his case, Cuba) he is a veritable legend of Latinx jazz, on which he puts his own personal twist that has made him unique and iconic. This tried and tested duo will perform on two dates: on Thursday, October 21st at the Blue Note Milano, at 8.30 and 10.30 PM, and again on Friday October 22nd, at the same venue, at 8.30 and 11 PM.
Tickets: pre-sale 42/32 euros, at the door 47/37 euros

Tony Momrelle

On Saturday, October 23rd, Blue Note Milano will host two performances by Tony Momrelle, at 8.30 and 11 PM. Known for his affiliation to Incognito, Momrelle is an eclectic singer, boasting various collaborations in different genres ranging from R&B, to Jazz, to gospel, proof of the unbelievable virtuoso extension of his voice and his keen musical sensibility.
Tickets: pre-sale 28/18 euros, at the door 33/23 euros

Broken Shadows

On Sunday, October 24th we will move to Triennale Milano Teatro, for a performance by all-star band Broken Shadows. Tim Berne and Chris Speed, former close-knit bandmates in Tim Berne’s Bloodcount in the mid-’90s, meet once again onstage as co-frontmen of Broken Shadows, alongside two out of three members of The Bad Plus: Dave King on drums and Reid Anderson on bass.
Tickets: pre-sale 28 euros, at the door 33 euros

Paolo Fresu – Around Tŭk

Still on Sunday, October 24th, this time at the Conservatorio di Milano, Paolo Fresu will present his “Around Tŭk” project, at 9 PM in the in Sala Verdi. Around Tŭk is a new, ambitious project by the Sardinian trumpetist, a label created to promote new jazz talents. The label will bring to the stage an eclectic show during which Paolo Fresu, Dino Rubino, Mirko Signorile, Raffaele Casarano, Francesco Diodati, Francesco Ponticelli and Enrico Morello will play together in open-ended combinations, moving seamlessly from a duo, to a trio, to a quintet and sextet.
Tickets: pre-sale 50/25 euros, at the door 55/30 euros

Fabrizio Bosso Quartet

On Tuesday, October 26th, at 8 and then again at 10.30 PM, the Fabrizio Bosso Quartet will welcome us at Triennale Milano Teatro to perform their latest studio album, released by Warner during the pandemic and inspired by the pandemic itself: WE4. A record expressing the common goals and incredible chemistry which make the quartet a unique and fully-rounded musical endeavor.
Tickets: pre-sale 28 euros, at the door 33 euros

Camille Bertault

Virtuoso vocalist Camille Bertault, who achieved fame in 2015 with a cover version of Giant Steps showcasing her incredible vocal range, will join JAZZMI on Wednesday, October 27th at Blue Note Milano, at 8.30 and again at 10.30 PM, with an explosion of sparkling words, fresh notes and ironic lyrics.
Tickets: pre-sale 25/15 euros, at the door 30/20 euros

Alex Britti e Flavio Boltro

Alex Britti and Flavio Boltro will bring their own “Special Project” onto the stage of Teatro Dal Verme on Wednesday, October 27th. Starting at 9 PM, the two close-knit musicians will be accompanied by Riccardo Adamo on drums, Emanuele Brignola on bass guitar and Davide Sambrotta on piano and keyboards, to translate Alex’s greatest hits into sublime versions ranging from jazz to blues.
Tickets: pre-sale 50/25 euros, at the door 55/30 euros

Vinicio Capossela

Vinicio Capossela will light up the stage of Blue Note Milano on Thursday, October 28th, at 8.30 and 10.30 PM, and again on Friday October 29th, at 8.30 and at 11 PM. The renowned singer-songwriter, who was the recipient of four “Targa Tenco” awards as well as a “Premio Tenco alla carriera” lifetime achievement award, will warm up with new notes the high points of JAZZMI 2021 with his rough, bohemian musical style.
Tickets: pre-sale 45 euros, at the door 50 euros

Yaron Herman Trio

The dreamy, timeless and innovative atmospheres of Yaron Herman Trio will be found at Triennale Milano Teatro on a single date, on Thursday, October 28th at 8 PM. Yaron, a French-Israeli pianist and composer, will lead us into a world made of pop and jazz influences, expertly merging together Nordic and Eastern elements to create novel atmospheres.
Tickets: pre-sale 25 euros, at the door 30 euros

Vincent Peirani & Emile Parisien

After playing together in the quartet led by drummer Daniel Humair, harmonica virtuoso Vincent Peirani and sax soprano specialist Emile Parisien have joined forces to begin a journey of discovery and in-depth exploration of new musical landscapes. Having just brought to a close their homage to Belle Époque composers, the duo is now back with their interpretation of the sounds of Argentinian tango. You will find them on Friday, October 29th, at 8 PM at Triennale Milano Teatro.
Tickets: pre-sale 25 euros, at the door 30 euros

Joel Ross

True jazz aficionados will not want to miss a performance by this young (yet already fulfilled) promise of jazz. Joel Ross, a 24-year old vibraphonist, has already made his mark on the intricate landscape of contemporary jazz. His 2019 debut album “KingMaker” was crowned “Best Jazz 2019” by the New York Times. You will find him at Blue Note Milano on Friday, October 29th, at 11 PM.
Tickets: pre-sale 25 euros, at the door 30 euros

Moses Boyd

On Saturday, October 30th at 11 PM, the stage of Triennale Milano Teatro will host British drummer Moses Boyd, an accomplished musician and the recipient of multiple awards in spite of his mere 30 years of age. For his latest album “Dark Matter”, Boyd brought together all members of his longtime ensemble, for a solid performance of never-before-heard pieces, whose atmospheres merge underground sounds with “lofty” improvisation.
Tickets: pre-sale 25 euros, at the door 30 euros

Theo Croker

Born in the trade, trumpetist, singer, composer and all-around musical innovator Theo Croker stands out among the ranks of modern musical influencers. For JAZZMI 2021, Crocker will bring to the stage his latest work, born of the forced introspection brought about by the first lockdown. For his performance of BLK2LIFE | A FUTURE PAST, he will be accompanied by Mike King on keyboards, Eric Wheeler on bass guitar, and Shekwaga Ode on drums. Find him on Sunday, October 31st at Triennale Milano Teatro at 7 PM.
Tickets: pre-sale 25 euros, at the door 30 euros

Peter Bernstein Quartet

This first taste of great names scheduled to perform as part of JAZZMI 2021 comes to a spectacular close, with a not-to-be-missed performance by Peter Bernstein Quartet, on stage at Blue Note Milano on Sunday, October 31st, at 8.30 and again at 10.30 PM. The quartet, led by jazz guitarist Peter Bernstein, features Jesse Davis on sax, David Weiss on trumpet and Roberto Gatto on drums.
Tickets: pre-sale 27/17 euros, at the door 32/22 euros


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