Bugge Wesseltoft


Bugge Wesseltoft is a Norwegian pianist, composer, and producer who has established himself as one of the most important representatives of nu-jazz, a genre that merges traditional jazz music with electronic and soul elements.

Born in 1964, Bugge was raised in music since his father is the jazz guitarist Erik Wesseltoft. The artist has established himself in the music industry thanks to the collaboration as a supporting musician and producer with many Scandinavian artists, such as the Oslo Groove Company, the Knut Riisnæs Quartet, Arild Andersen, and Jan Garbarek.

For the better part of the Nineties, he performed the songs produced by his label, Jazzland, on the most important jazz stages around the world. He has collaborated with traditional Scandinavian singer Sedesel Endresen, and in 1996 he founded his first band, New Conception of Jazz, with whom he won the Spellemannprisen, a coveted prize awarded by Norwegian critics.

It’s Snowing On My Piano (1997) is Bugge’s first solo album and it’s an intimate project, with only a piano as the playing instrument, that highlights the extraordinary elegance and lyricism of his touch.

After twelve years from its first publication, in 2009, It’s Snowing On My Piano reached the third position on the Norwegian charts. Two years later, Billy Cobham invited Bugge to record one of the most critically appraised albums of the renowned American drummer, Billy Cobham presents Nordic – Off Color (1999).

Wesseltoft has always been fascinated by the electronic scene and in 2000 he published Jazzland Remixed, which confirmed the artist’s willingness to merge contemporary genres like techno music and hip-hop, with established genres like jazz and soul to create a new sound without any stylistic restrictions.

In the first decade of the 2000s, the artist kept producing and publishing records with Jazzland. During this time, Bugge gifted the jazz world with masterpieces like New Conception of Jazz (2008), Songs (2011), and OK World (2014).

The super band Rymden was born in 2017, consisting of Bugge Wesseltoft, string bass player Dan Berglund, and drummer Magnus Öström. The three heroes of jazz harmony published Reflections & Odysseys in 2019. It is an album surprisingly easy to listen to, despite its deep compositional complexity.
2019 was also the year of the fourth edition of Milan’s JAZZMI Festival, which hosted Rymden’s performance in the heart of the festival: on the Triennale Milano Teatro stage.





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