Autunno Boreale. A Slow, Colorful Return to Normality

06.09.2021, by Giacomo Luperini

From September 7th to November 18th, don’t missi four performances by four great musicians at Volvo Studio, to experience the dancing colors of Scandinavia

Once in about every eleven years, the sun completes its cycle of magnetic activity. The activity of sun storms and sunspots, after a lull, begins again its slow and constant march. The energy from these turbulent events propagates through space at the speed of light, reaching in little more than eight minutes the magnetic poles of our planet. The violent impact of protons and electrons from the sun against the atoms of our atmosphere results in a hypnotic spectacle of light and sound: the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis.

After the storm brought on by Covid19, which froze and silenced concerts and festivals all over the world, the sounds and colors of Scandinavia will accompany us through a new, long-awaited beginning. A warm return to normality, after the chill of the pandemic season.

Four very different musicians whose common trait is their Scandinavian origin, with its wealth of legends, sounds and traditions which inextricably connect the progress of human culture with a solid respect for the land it inhabits.
Here is a detailed run-down of the artists scheduled to perform at Volvo Studio in Milan:

On Tuesday, September 7th, Icelandic singer-songwriter Ólöf Arnalds will touch new chords of the magical folk imagination of the North with her delicate, poetic voice. Ólöf’s performances masterfully hover between intimate and austere, guiding audiences through the mysterious recesses of her mind.

Ólöf Arnalds
Ólöf Arnalds

On Thursday, October 7th the stage will go to Kimmo Pohjonen, a living icon of Finnish music who revolutionized the way we play the harmonica. His compositions include bold, breath-taking sounds, and his live performances combine light effects with dolby surround music. Pohjonen has performed all over the world and scored various movies as well as dance and theatrical performances.

Kimmo Pohjonen

On Thursday, November 4th, Norwegian Jens Christian Bugge Wesseltoft will perform his trademark mixture of jazz and electronic music, a successful musical experiment that has brought him to the top of success in the field of nu-future jazz. Among his collaborators we find Terje Rypdal, Jon Eberson, Billy Cobham, Sidsel Endresen and Nils Petter Molvær.

Bugge Wesseltoft
Bugge Wesseltoft

Finally, on Thursday, November 18th, we will meet Swedish piano legend Bobo Stenson, an exceptionally talented musician who was able to create his own musical language by blazing a personal trail through the landscape of contemporary jazz piano. Through his many collaborations dating back as far as the 1970s, including some with Sonny Rollins and Don Cherry, Stenson managed to create a dialogue between African-American and Scandinavian music, merging them with his keen musical curiosity and sensibility.

Bobo Stenson

All performances will be held at the recently constructed Volvo Studio in Milan, a building created by the Scandinavian motor company as an ideal exclave of the most natural and atmospheric part of Sweden. The musicians will be surrounded by images of the Northern Lights projected onto the ceiling and delicate rows of ash trees, merging with the sleek transparent walls of the structure.
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience and celebrate a new beginning under the banner of music.



Northern Lights
-Volvo Studio Milano
Full Program


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