Sainkho Namtchylak


Sainkho Namtchylak, born in 1957, ailing from Tuva, Siberia. her music is an intertwined mix of tradition and innovation which draws by the Siberian and Mongolic music tradition to reach modern sounds, all tied by her pure and enchanting voice.

She fell in love with music thanks to her grandmother and soon began studying both the traditional Tuvan repertoire and overtone singing, a singing practice until then reserved only to men. She completed her music studies in Moscow and soon after joined the Tuvan State Folk Ensemble with which she performed for a short while.

Sainkho went back to Moscow at the end of the Eighties and joined the experimental band Tri-O with which her vocal talent and marked melodic tendencies were best put to work. With this new music project, she traveled West for the first time even if it was with the first album Out of Tuva (1993) that she was noticed by the international music scene.

After the fall of the communist regime, Namtchylak made Vienna her base and began collaborating with international artists and to give voice to her artistic experimentations needs, releasing a series of albums focusing on free improvisation. In 1997 she was horribly attacked by a Russian neo-nazi group which left her in a coma for a few weeks. After this terrifying episode, in 1998 Naked Spirit was born, which tended towards new-age sounds and that won the Deutscher Schallplattenpreis.

With the advent of the new Millennium also began a new phase of Sainkho’s music career. In 2001 she released with Ponderosa Music & Arts, Stepmother City which reflected on her ambivalent sentiments towards her move to Western Europe and established itself as a filter through which start to get to know and appreciate Eastern spirituality. The album was followed by Time Out in 2001and Who Stole the Sky? in 2013, still with Ponderosa Music & Arts.
In 2005, Namtchylak opened herself to a new artistic project publishing, with the publishing house Libero di Scrivere, a poetry collection titled Karmaland.

Namtchylak’s fourth album, Like a Bird Or Spirit Not a Face, arrived in 2016 still with the Milanese label. It was the realization of Sainkho’s desire to collaborate with North African musicians which came true thanks to Grammy-winning producer Ian Brennan who put the Siberian artist in contact with Tinariwen’s rhythmic section. the result was an album that went beyond the musical experimentation, creating new sound borders that mixed very different but complementary atmospheres.





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