GoGo Penguin


GoGo Penguin (Manchester, 2012) is an English group composed by Chris Illingworth (piano), Nick Blacka (bass), and Rob Turner (percussions). Their style, a mix of electronic, hip hop, classical music, rock, and jazz, assured them the title of “The Radiohead of British Jazz”.

The group started its career with the album Fanfares (2012), followed by v2.0, both produced by Gondwana Records. The latter one was nominated for a Mercury Award as Best British Album of the Year.

The following year, GoGo Penguin signed a contract with Blue Note Records and published Man Made Object in 2016. The record shows the musical soul of the group: electronic is mixed with rock and minimalist influences to create a piece of experimental but still striking music.

In 2018, GoGo Penguin published A Humdrum Star, an album that once again defines the group’s style and in which jazz together with improvisation and innovation are the fundamental elements. The English trio fascinated the Italian public during Locus Festival in Locorotondo (BA) that same year.

In 2019 GoGo Penguin released the EP Ocean in a Drop, followed immediately by the album GoGo Penguin in 2020. OndaRock said about the album: «the fifth album of the trio reinforces an original stylistic journey, during which the intense melodic element doesn’t come from a pop background but from the three musicians’ ability to stay grounded to expressive minimalism which creates post-rock, funky, progressive music thanks to the interaction between the instruments. The Jazz is, however, never left behind». In May 2021, GoGo Penguin published GGP/RMX, a brilliant and lively re-edition of GoGo Penguin featuring numerous international artists like Cornelius, Machinedrum, Yosi Horikawa, Rone, Nathan Fake, 808 State, James Holden, Shunya, Clark, Portico Quartet, and Squarepusher.

They appear tonight performing music from their 2020 Blue Note Records release, the self-titled GoGo Penguin, together with new music and favourites from their luminous back catalogue. 2022 also marks the touring debut of the band’s latest member, drummer Jon Scott, who brings his own uniquely propulsive style to the Manchester based trio’s exhilarating music. 

GoGo Penguin are: Chris Illingworth, piano, Nick Blacka, bass & Jon Scott drums
Plus Joe Reiser sound production






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