AIR was born in Versailles (France) in 1995 thanks to the fellow feeling between multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Godin and the pianist and singer Jean- Benoît Dunckel. Today AIR is considered one of the leading bands in the French electronic music scene, in which they established themselves as innovators of this genre.

The project (an acronym for Amour, Imagination, Rȇve = Love, Imagination, Dream), led the two artists to merge their musical backgrounds to create an innovative and groundbreaking sound in the electronic world.

In 1996, Godin and Dunckel published their first single “Modular Mix” and two years later their first album Moon Safari.  The single “Sexy Boy” from the album immediately climbed the international charts making AIR one of the most influential bands in the electronic panorama and beyond.

One important milestone for the duo is their collaboration with the director Sofia Coppola for the soundtracks of two of her most acclaimed and renowned movies The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation, from which came out two albums: The Virgin Suicides (2000) and Talkie Walkie (2004).

In June 2016, AIR published their album Twentyears for Parlophone Records, it is meant to be an anthology composed of two records comprising their most famous songs, unreleased collaborations, and live recordings to celebrate twenty years of activity, marked by experimentation translated into elegant electronic music that, combined with pop influences, creates their distinctive sound that has now become cult. The same year, the band came to Italy for a concert in Prato. One year later they returned to Italy for the last date of the of Sexto’nPlugged Festival 2017, in Sesto al Reghena (PN).

Nel Giugno 2016 pubblicano per la Parlophone l’album Twentyears, un’antologia composta da due dischi che racchiude i loro brani più celebri, collaborazioni inedite e registrazioni live a celebrazione del ventennio trascorso insieme: anni di sperimentazione tradotta in musica, fatta di un’elegante elettronica che, unito con influenze pop, genera il loro riconoscibilissimo sound ormai diventato cult. Lo stesso anno tornano in Italia per un concerto a Prato per Settembre Prato è Spettacolo e l’anno dopo si esibiscono al del Sexto’nPlugged Festival a Sesto al Reghena (PN) per la serata conclusiva della rassegna.




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