Verucchio Festival

23 July / 31 July 2021

Verucchio is a small town located in the Rimini province and it has ancient origins – dating back to the Villanova civilization. The historic center is of great cultural value; therefore, it has become a tourist destination during the years.

The festival, which for years has been committed to bringing on stage high-quality music with no genre obligation, takes place in the parvis of the Collegiata di Verrucchio Church – in a suggestive atmosphere.

Edition after edition. the Verucchio Music Festival established itself as one of the most interesting music festivals in Italy. The complete program of Verucchio Music Festival is available on the official website.




Verucchio Festival: Taking Root Through Radical Freedom

Now in its thirty-seventh year, the Verucchio music festival continues to surprise us, exploring the wide realm of music in depth and with total artistic freedom


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