Arto Lindsay

Encyclopedia of Arto

On the 20th of May 2014, the double album Encyclopedia of Arto was published by Ponderosa Music & Art and Arto Lindsay.

The record is an anthology in which Lindsay shows his capacity of mixing different musical genres: the first CD is a personal re-interpretation of tropical harmonies blended with hip hop rhythms, drum’n’bass, and R&B; the second is a live CD in which Lindsay’s songs are exposed to acid rock arrangements that allow for appreciation of the musician’s modernity and talent.

Pitchfork, when describing the album, said: «Instead of trying to understand things, to summarize the unbearable, this compilation simply puts chaos and order one against the other and lets the messy happen».


CD 1
1-1 4 Skies
1-2 Simply Are
1-3 Illuminated
1-4 The Prize
1-5 Personagem
1-6 Child Prodigy
1-7 Ridiculously Deep
1-8 Complicity
1-9 Invoke
1-10 Reentry
1-11 Combustivel
1-12 Ondina

CD 2
2-1 The Prize 
2-2 Privacy 
2-3 Pony 
2-4 Erotic City 
2-5 Invoke 
2-6 Maneiras 
2-7 O Mais Belo Dos Belos 
2-8 Garden Wall Of Guitar 
2-9 Illuminated 
2-10 Simply Beautiful 
2-11 Estação Derradeira 
2-12 Wall Of Guitar

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