Ludovico Einaudi


Two years after In a Time LapseLudovico Einaudi presents Elements, a record with an even deeper and resolved outline. The record was published in October 2015 by Decca Records – Universal Music Group. «Elements was born from the desire to start over, to undertake a new journey of discovery. There were new frontiers – on the edge of what I already knew and what I didn’t know yet – that I wanted to explore for a long time: the creation myth, the periodic table, Euclid’s geometric figures, Kandinskij’s journals, sounds, but also colors, a wild field’s grass strands, the shapes of a landscape».

Besides Ludovico’s historic formation (Francesco Arcuri, Marco Decimo, Mauro Durante, Alberto Fabris, Federico Mecozzi, and Redi Hasa), the album saw the participation of the Dutch string ensemble Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the Berliner electronic musician Robert Lippok, Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica percussionists, Brazilian drummer Mauro Refoco, and renowned South African violinist Daniel Hope, who was the guest in the opening track “Petricor”.


1. Petricor
2. Night
3. Drop
4. Four Dimensions
5. Elements
6. Whirling Winds
7. Twice
8. ABC
9. Numbers
10. Mountain
11. Logos
12. Song for Gavin

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