Arto Lindsay

Cuidado Madame

Cuidado Madame is the first album of unreleased songs by Arto Lindsay since Salt (2004). The title, which means “Attention Madam”, is inspired by a not-so-famous 1970s film created by the Brazilian director Julio Bressane. The film talks about the brutal homicides committed by a maid that kills all of her employers one after the other.

Candomblè rhythms are at the heart of the album: spiritual percussion sequences that generate possessions and trance. The process started with the recordings of atabaques in Brazil, over which Arto Lindsay wrote melodies and lyrics when he returned to his recording studio in Brooklyn.

What started as the desire to walk away from the Afro-Brazilian and Afroamerican church sonorities, became an album of songs. Some other recurring themes are New England’s tales of imprisonment, the Japanese speculative bubble, and the Gulf of Naples.


1. Grain By Grain
2. Each To Each
3. Ilha Dos Prazeres
4. Tangles
5. Deck
6. Vao Queimar Ou Botando Pra Dançar
7. Seu Pai
8. Arto Vs. Arto
9. Uncrossed
10. Unpair
11. Pele De Perto

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