Adult Baby

Adult Baby, is the first enchanting solo album by Kazu Makino, published in 2019 for Adult Baby Records, her own record label, and Ponderosa Music & Art. After nine albums with Blonde Redhead, in the nine songs of Adult Baby, we can sense echoes of the music made with the group, but this album actually represents Kazu in her purest and most visceral nature. 

Kazu embarks on an existentialist journey started at the end of summer 2017 with the perception of an almost physiological necessity. The singer says: «I needed to make an album on my own, to prove to myself that I was able to produce something that was entirely mine, away from the band dynamics». And again: «I wanted to challenge myself and in order to do so I pushed myself beyond my limits».

The result is an album that is not easy to categorize – a characteristic that gives it a greater value – but that for its attitude and sound could be described as focused on a sophisticated avant-garde pop in which Kazu’s warm and sensual voice is the protagonist and creates an ethereal world, delicate, dreamy and with a peculiar intensity that sometimes becomes a seductive and romantic epic.


1. Salty 
2. Come Behind Me, So Good! 
3. Meo
4. Adult Baby 
5. Place Of Birth 
6. Name And Age 
7. Unsure In Waves 
8. Undo 
9. Coyote

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