Demian Dorelli

A Romance of Many Dimensions (Flatland)

“I want to do my best to introduce you to a different dimension from the one you were in a moment ago, just as Edwin A. Abbott in 1884 with his novel FLATLAND” – Demian Dorelli

Released today, Friday, April 19, in all stores and digital stores is “A ROMANCE OF MANY DIMENSIONS (FLATLAND),” the third album by pianist and composer Demian Dorelli, released by Ponderosa Music Records and produced by Alberto Fabris.

Inspired by the book “Flatland” by Edwin A. Abbott, through this new record work Dorelli highlights the analogy that exists between music and space. “Experiencing music is sometimes like experiencing the entry into another dimension, shedding light on a still unexplored space, which mere words cannot describe,” is how the artist describes the essence of the project. A musical journey that is realized through a reworking in notes of topical themes and elements of the novel and have most captured his attention. Eight tracks tell a path through which to freely explore even that emotionality evoked by the subtitle of the novel itself “A multi-dimensional love story.”

An innovative project that, unlike the artist’s previous albums, introduces new musical elements; a cello and a French course accompany Demian’s piano on this sonic journey. A new compositional style that transcends melody as a simple track to be played, transforming it into a free and improvised play of the imagination. In a world that constantly pushes us to consume content in short, quick pills, Dorelli highlights the importance of a deeper, more enriching experience.

Demian’s first contact with “Flatland” comes from a trip he took to the CERN Institute in Switzerland, home of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the world’s largest laboratory for particle physics; a fascinating place where people are trying to discover the prime composition of the universe and which introduced him to this book he had never heard of before. First published in 1884, the novel has as its narrating self a square and as its setting Flatland, a two-dimensional world. Also appearing among the various protagonists is an orb from Spacelandia, a three-dimensional world, whose role is to teach the square about the existence of higher dimensions so that he can expand his understanding of the world. Allegorical characters that find ample space within the album as also evidenced by the album cover artwork.


The son of an Italian fashion photographer and an English ballet dancer, Demian Dorelli grew up in an artistic environment. He chose music, and in particular the piano, to express himself. In 2021, prompted by longtime friend Alberto Fabris (Ludovico Einaudi’s producer), he released his first album, a tribute to his musical hero Nick Drake.



2.Theory of three 

3.Universal Colour Bill

4.Stranger from Spaceland

5.A Vision

6.The king Eyes


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