Blonde Redhead

3 O’Clock

The 3 O’Clock EP (March 3rd in 2017) was released for the Asa Wa Kuru label under exclusive license to Ponderosa Music & Art and contains four unreleased songs: two written by the charming Kazu, the other two by the guitarist and second voice of the band, Amedeo. The songs once again mark the will, on the part of the trio, to broaden their musical horizons.

«At three in the afternoon a lot of things happen, how many times do we make appointments at that time? In Japan, then, it’s a sacred time because it’s teatime. Of course, you could also think about three in the morning, but I wrote the song starting from this suggestion, reflecting on what for me is a significant time within our days, a kind of turning point, metaphorically the beginning of a new chapter for Blonde Redhead».


1. 3 O’Clock
2. Golden Light
3. Where Your Mind Wants To Go
4. Give Give

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