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Ben Sidran - Don't cry for no hipster

Ben Sidran - Don't cry for no hipster

Ponderosa Music & Art - Febbraio 2013

The album called "Olympian" by one enthusiastic reviewer captures the Hip attitude and aesthetic through twelve original compositions and two covers.  Recorded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in the summer of 2012, it is perhaps the most intimate and personal of thirty plus solo albums.

"The singer and pianist Ben Sidran has released what is indeed a masterpiece." - Serge Truffaut, Le Devoir (Quebec), January 2013

"A timeless view of the hipster's eternal struggle." - Downbeat Magazine, June 2013

"Sidran serves up the hippest album since, well, the last Ben Sidran album, his 2009 appreciation of the once-hip Bob Dylan." - JazzTimes, May 2013

"Hip-eroony." - JazzWeekly, April 2013

"One is reminded of the soul singer Andre Williams, early Tom Waits or even Jack Kerouac's spoken-word jazz performances. Cool, groovy, hip!" - Good Times (Germany), March 2013

"Even more than on his last CD Sidran is satisfied now with more economical instrumentation and a more cautious backdrop, which makes the relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere and the casual-cool music even more effective. Still as before are the sonorous male vocals and still the witty and bold lyrics, but this time they’re even more literary and sometimes almost left leaning philosophical manifestos." - Hans-DieterHeistrüvers for Jazz Podium (Germany), March 2013

“Night owls and those who first tasted jazz and poetry while wearing a black beret will both be familiar with the feeling of this album, in which sophisticated jazz and a tenderly caressed piano lead us towards night's end." - Larrede Chritsian, Jazz News (France), December 2012

1. Back Nine
2. Brand New Music
3. Don't Cry For No Hipster
4. At Least We Got To The Race
5. Can We Talk
6. In The Beginning
7. It Don't Get No Better
8. Dying Anyway
9. Private Guy
10. Reflections
11. Take A Little Hit
12. Sixteen Tons
13. Rich Interior Life
14. Hooglin'