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Ludovico Einaudi - Elements

Ponderosa Music & Art - October 2015

Einaudi’s latest, ninth album ‘Elements’ began as a homage to Berio, a kind of thank you for their intense, revelatory time together. After two years thinking and refining it has become a series of pieces that are themselves inspired by the idea of the elements, from the ancient classical Greek ideas – earth, wind, fire, water, mixed together by love and hate - to the Russian artist Wassily Kadinsky and his theories on the spiritual elements of art and the quasi-religious responsibilities of the artist. Einaudi, surrounded by high minded talk and literary giants as a youngster, takes these responsibilities seriously.

“The more I go on the more I demand of myself. My next project must always compel me to do more, to climb a new mountain, arrive somewhere I have not been before. It, the view if you like, must seem new, if at least to me. I researched centuries of ideas about the elements as the constituents of all matter with the aim of challenging my brain and then chanelling all this knowledge into the music. Transferring scientific and philosophical thoughts into sound, finding music in hidden, noiseless places. I also wanted to challenge those who might think they know my work and think that this would be again for better or worse more of the same. I wanted this record to be both more intriguing to me, and to those that like listening to me. Obviously by me but with added . . . elements.” Ludovico Einaudi


Watch the videoclips of "Night" e "Four Dimensions"


Petricor | 6:34"
Night | 5:30"
Drop | 5:00"
Four Dimensions | 4:42"
Elements | 6:05"
Whirling Winds | 5:58"
Twice | 5:21"
ABC | 3:05"
Numbers | 4:35"
Mountain | 6:13"
Logos | 6:23"
Song for Gavin | 3:18"


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