Il tour estivo di Ludovico Einaudi tra natura e storia umana

Oasi naturali, parchi rupestri, siti archeologici, altipiani e anfiteatri. Il tour estivo di Ludovico Einaudi tra natura e storia umana.

Jazz and the Future, the Future of Jazz

Jazz, after all, is a peculiar genre: drawing life from the heritage of its past great masters, of course, but at the same time constantly reinventing itself and, in this day and age, offering a veritable manifesto about the meaning of the word “change”. Jazz, like a sponge, absorbs everything around it: history, landscapes, the evolution of humanity and social needs. Within this constant change it must make no excuses, but always look towards the future.

Nomadland, The Father and Ludovico Einaudi’s cinematic universe

Ludovico Einaudi’s new album “CINEMA” is a collection of the Italian composer’s most renowned movie soundtracks, ranging from “Fuori dal Mondo” and “Intouchables” to Oscar winners such as “Nomadland” and “The Father”

Lucio Corsi. Free Animals and Caged Forests

Lucio Corsi, a longtime Milan resident originally from Grosseto, is a complex, eclectic artist, a glamorous, poetic pop singer-songwriter who has released four studio albums covering a wide array of topics and styles. We had a chance to catch up with him about his personal relationship with nature, the sea and urban development, which are recurring themes in his art.

Arto Lindsay, Lectura Dantis. Voice and vortex

On the occasion of the “Year of Dante”, and the 40th anniversary of Carmelo Bene’s Lectura Dantis, Arto Lindsay breathes new life into an immortal body of work.

Kazu Makino: The Selkie who landed on the Isle of Elba

Kazu captures and recounts visions from a distant world. In her new short film shot on the Isle of Elba, the Blonde Redhead singer plays a sea creature who becomes human once every hundred years.