Eight Tours to Dream With Live Music Once More

21.05.2021, by Giacomo Luperini

The easing of restrictions in relation to live events allows for the return of some great musical performances, all bearing Ponderosa’s signature.

What made most unreal and seemingly endless the last phase of the pandemic period we have been experiencing (and which we fervently hope is behind us) was probably the impossibility of enjoying leisurely rituals as a community. For many of us, the time of working, medical, bureaucratic and logistical commitments never stopped flowing, while sports, theater, exhibitions and music became the solitary appendixes of our collective productive life. Now, we can finally glimpse on the horizon the opportunity to dream with live music once more, against the backdrop of our Italian piazzas. To celebrate this return to life, we have gathered here the latest tour offers from Ponderosa Music & Art:

Avion Travel

We’ll kick off on May 30th at the Teatro delle Api of Porto Sant’Elpidio (FM), with a live performance by Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel. The Italian rock band founded in 1980s Caserta will return with a new ensemble formed by Peppe Servillo (vocals), Peppe D’Argenzio (sax), Duilio Galioto (piano and keyboards), Ferruccio Spinetti (double bass) and Mimì Ciaramella (drums), bringing back to the stage their dramatic, theatrical brand of rock. They will also perform on June 12th at Abbazia Santa Maria del Pero in Monastier di Treviso (TV), on June 28th as part of the longstanding “La Musica dei Cieli” festival at Villa Arconati in Bollate (MI) and on July 17th in Piazza della Libertà in Settimo Torinese (TO).


Fans of Milanese singer-songwriter Pacifico, nom de plume of Luigi De Crescenzo, won’t be disappointed. Fresh from his participation as an author in the 2021 Sanremo Festival, he has already confirmed two performances, on June 10th at the Circolo della Musica in Rivoli (TO) and on July 2nd as part of the Milanesiana festival, at Milan’s BMW Urban Store.

Redi Hasa

The month of June will also be accompanied by the music of Redi Hasa, the Albanian cellist who made a successful trademark of his hybrid between classical, Albanian and Salentine music. You can find him on June 10th at Florence’s Sala Vanni, on July 4th at the Teatro Koreja in Lecce and on July 14th on the Terrace of the Biblioteca di Settimo Torinese (TO).

Rachele Bastreghi
Rachele Bastreghi

Rachele Bastreghi, eclettica icona del pop-rock italiano e storica componente dei Baustelle, è in partenza per un lungo tour accompagnata dalla sua Psychoband. Il tour segue all’uscita del suo primo album solista: Psycodonna. La data di partenza è quanto mai azzeccata, visto che sarà al festival della Musica d’Autrice Lilith di Genova il 23 giugno, per poi proseguire al Festival di Villa Arconati di Bollate (MI) il 25 e al Festival Mundus di Carpi (MO) il 30. A luglio potrete ascoltarla l’11 all’Anfiteatro del museo Pecci di Prato e il 16 al Sant’Arcangelo 2050 Festival di Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN). Ci accompagnerà poi fino alla fine dell’estate il 13 agosto al Summer R”evol”ution di Bergamo, il 28 a Montefano (MC), per concludere il 30 settembre al Roma Europa Festival.

Francesco Bianconi

A very busy summer awaits Francesco Bianconi, the longtime singer-songwriter and lead vocalist of Baustelle, who has recently released a deluxe version of his first solo album: seven dates have already been confirmed for his Italian tour. The first will be on June 17th at the Summer Arena of Teatro Bibiena in Sant’Agata Bolognese (BO). On July 3d he will perform in Monforte d’Alba (CN), on the 13th at Milan’s Castello Sforzesco, on the 14th in Piazza Matteotti as part of the Teatro d’Estate in Sogliano al Rubicone (FC), on the 15th at the Orto sul Colle dell’Infinito in Recanati (MC) and on the 19th at the Teatro Romano di Fiesole (FI). He will then conclude his tour on August 14th in the lively town of Melpignano (LE), as part of the SEI festival with a performance in Piazzetta San Giorgio.

Arto Lindsay
Arto Lindsay

On the occasion of both the “Year of Dante” and the 40th anniversary of Carmelo Bene’s Lectura Dantis, Arto Lindsay takes us on an intense journey of sound, a dialogue between light, music and gestures entitled “Lectura Dantis, voice and vortex”. His confirmed dates are so far all in June, beginning on the 23d at the Festival di Ravenna in Rocca Brancaleone, and followed by Rome’s Villa Ada on the 25th, Milan’s Castello Sforzesco on the 27th and the Teatro Romano in Fiesole (FI) on the 29th.

Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino

For lovers of wild dancing, the Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino is about to embark on an international tour based on their latest release Meridiana, which addresses the topic of time from a multidisciplinary perspective. Their debut performance, on June 29th, will of course be in their native Salento, at the Castello Volante in Corigliano d’Otranto (LE). On July 23d they will be at the Glatt&Verkehrt festival in Krems, Austria. On August 8th you’ll find them in Germany, at Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, while the grand finale will be held on September 23d as part of the Festes de la Mercè in Barcelona, Spain.


Last but not least, fans of Davide “Boosta” Dileo, the memorable lead keyboardist and co-founder of Subsonica, will be able to enjoy his expert mixture of electronics, classical music and keyboards on June 4th at the Abbazia di Sant’Eustachio in Nervesa della Battaglia (TV), as part of the Festival delle Abbazie.

A diverse, eclectic offer to suit every artistic taste, and spread throughout Italy and Europe. Summer hasn’t even started yet, but we can’t wait to live it to the fullest.

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