Pacifico was born Luigi De Crescenzo in Milan in 1964. Among the most esteemed songwriter and author in the Italian scene, Pacifico released six records: Pacifico (2001), Musica Leggera (2004), Dal giardino tropicale (2006), Dentro ogni casa (2009), Una voce non basta (2012), Bastasse Il Cielo (2019), and the EP ElectroPo (2019), the last two published for Ponderosa Music & Art.

He won the Tenco Award for his first endeavor and numerous other recognitions, he participated in the Sanremo Festival as a performer in 2004 with the song “Solo un sogno”, winning an award for best music and duetted with some of the greatest national and international artists (Ivano Fossati, Malika Ayane, Marisa Monte, Ana Moura).

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Bastasse il cielo

Bastasse il cielo, produced by Alberto Fabris, is an album composed of 10 tracks and was thought, written, and recorded by Pacifico between Paris and the World.

Electro Po

Pacifico’s EP ElectroPO is composed of four songs which are subsequently collected in the following album of the Italian songwriter and premiered during four concerts in Alessandria, Milan, Genoa, and Piacenza. The EP is a limited edition and sold only in the places of the concerts: «Is a way to start again and to encourage me to play again. The river that doesn’t come back represents life. The song is in some way inspired by my son, therefore there are so many childish images»


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