Dominic Miller


Dominic Miller was born in 1960 in Argentina to an American father and an Irish mother and during his childhood moved to England, South America, and France.
In the course of his career, he collaborated with great artists like Tina Turner, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, and Sting. But it’s his guitar skills that consecrated him as one of the most esteemed artists of the rock, pop, and jazz panorama.

In 2012 Miller released with Ponderosa Music & Art his fifth artistic effort, 5th HOUSE. On the album, Dominic proposed captivating music and great class. Atmospheres between the most elegant jazz and pop that Miller elevated at the highest level.

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5th House

5th HOUSE is the fifth solo album by Dominic Miller. Accompanied by famous musicians like drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (one of the most requested session musicians worldwide), bassist Pino Palladino (who collaborated with Paul Young, Who, David Gilmour, Peter Gabriel, and others), and Mike Lindup (former Level 42), the record offers fascinating and high-level music. The atmospheres created range from the most elegant jazz to authorial pop (Miller also wrote songs with Sting) which Miller, thanks to his guitar skills, raises to the highest levels.


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