Demian Dorelli


Demian Dorelli, born and raised in London, is a pianist and composer who was always surrounded by music. His classical formation didn’t stop him from approaching jazz music and electronic music, but, on the contrary, it has enriched his production. He collaborated with artists like Pacifico (for the song “Canzone Fragile” taken from his 2019 album Bastasse il Cielo), Alan Clark (Dire Straits), and Simone Pace (Blonde Redhead).

Dorelli is currently working on his next album, Nick Drake’s PINK MOON, a Journey on Piano that he will publish for Ponderosa Music & Art. The album is being recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios together with Tim Oliver and is composed of eleven tracks in which Dorelli plays the piano and honors the late musician Nick Drake in a sort of dialogue with him, between past and present.


My Window

This second album ‘My Window’ presents nine original compositions for solo piano.  Inspired by great painters like Hockney and Vermeer, Demian portrays the world through a window in these melodic and poetic pieces.

Nick Drake’s “PINK MOON”, a Journey on Piano

In Nick Drake’s PINK MOON, a Journey on Piano’s eleven piano-only tracks, Demian explores and pays homage to Nick Drake, to his unmistakable way of playing the guitar, his lyricism, to the shining melodies, through a meditated distillation and a curated transcription from an instrument to another, giving life to the entire color spectrum of the black and white keyboard.


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