Dakota Days


Dakota Days are a duo composed by Ronald Lippok, a member of Tarwater, To Rococo Rot e White Tree projects, and Alberto Fabris, a promoter of several pop-rock artists such as Pacifico and Blonde Redhead.
Their songs have a hypnotic rhythm but are often characterized by fresh and balanced sounds that create both an ethereal and rhythmical sound.

The duo published for Ponderosa Music & Art two albums: Dakota Days (2011) and All Rivers (2020).


All Rivers

The lyrics come from Lippok’s notes and the result is All Rivers, twelve tracks shamelessly balanced published for Ponderosa Music & Art. The rhythms, the melodies, the electronic layers are weaved like kilim with the sides purposely frayed, open to future twists. There are thunders, caresses, there is life happening in the meantime, that is the music’s guide.

Dakota Days

Dakota Days are the creators, for Ponderosa Music & Art, of a brilliant first project titled Dakota Days. This project is composed of twelve heterogeneous tracks creating visions and atmospheres that – even if they reflect passions and sounds extremely varied and, in some ways, antithetical – are the expression of an intimate and spontaneous sound, with a high dose of improvisation. A meeting point between experimentations and melodic intuition, sometimes even joyful.


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