Canìs, stage name for Daniele Soriani, is a singer-songwriter born in Belcreda, in Piemonte. His musical career started during University when he developed a great talent for composition and songwriting.

Canìs’s songs are influenced by the atmospheres and the environment in which they are created. This characteristic carries through to his first album Effetto Doppler (March 2018), published for Lapilla Records/Ponderosa Records: a sort of humoral calendar in which the succession of the months and the seasons are the starting point for digressions and expansions.



Effetto Doppler

Canìs’ first record for Lapilla Records and Ponderosa Music & Art was released in March 2018. Effetto Doppler is a sort of moody calendar in which the succession of seasons and the light changes are the spark for countless digressions and expansions. Under Francesco Bianconi’s artistic direction, Canìs explored the theories by mathematician Christian Andreas Doppler and deduced that the Big Bang has been theorized thanks to music.


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