Blonde Redhead


Blonde Redhead formed in New York in 1993 from the chance encounter between Japanese art students Kazu Makino and Maki Takahashi and Italian twins Simone e Amedeo Pace. With an extremely long career, the band never stopped experimenting with musical genres, starting from the rock noise of the debut, passing through dream-pop, and ending with electronic sounds of the latest albums.

For Ponderosa Music & Art they released the EP 3 O’Clock (2017) and We Should be Holding Hands (2018).

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We Should Be Holding Hands

In the delicately psychedelic universe built over the years by Blonde Redhead there are stars that continue to shine their light from distant galaxies, such as the 2010 album Penny Sparkle. From this distant world emerges We Should Be Holding Hands, which is identified and reworked by Michael Leonhart’s powerful telescope in Philly Sound’s style (postmodern soul)

3 O’Clock

The 3 O’Clock EP (March 3rd in 2017) was released for the Asa Wa Kuru label under exclusive license to Ponderosa Music & Art and contains four unreleased songs: two written by the charming Kazu, the other two by the guitarist and second voice of the band, Amedeo. The songs once again mark the will, on the part of the trio, to broaden their musical horizons.


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