Arto Lindsay


Arthur Morgan “Arto” Lindsay was born in Virginia in 1953 but was raised between the US and Brazil due to his parents’ work. Considered one of the intellectuals of rock music, he is influenced by giants like Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, by free jazz and American experimental music.

In 2014 Arto released, for Ponderosa Music & Art, Encyclopedia of Arto, containing a double feature, one with previously released music and one of live performances.
Three years later, inspired by his move to Brazil, he released – once again with Ponderosa Music & ArtCuidado Madame. It was his first original album in ten years and Lindsay explored rhythms associated with Candomblé, a Brazilian religion.

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Cuidado Madame

Cuidado Madame is the first album of unreleased songs by Arto Lindsay since Salt (2004). The title, which means “Attention Madam”, is inspired by a not-so-famous 1970s film created by the Brazilian director Julio Bressane. The film talks about the brutal homicides committed by a maid that kills all of her employers one after the other.

Encyclopedia of Arto

On the 20th of May 2014, the double album Encyclopedia of Arto was published by Ponderosa Music & Art and Arto Lindsay.


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