Antonio Castrignanò


Antonio Castrignanò, born in Galatina (LE) in 1977, is an author, composer, and musician who approached Salentinian popular music since his adolescence. Instead of being overwhelmed by this genre, Castrignanò became a turning point for the pizzica genre and experimented with contemporaneity creating an extremely personal style.

The musician produced for Ponderosa Music & Art, Fomenta (2016), and Aria Caddhipulina (2018).

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Un viaggio nel corpo elettrico del Salento di oggi. Antonio Castrignanò ridisegna le mappe del suo paesaggio sonoro tra antichi rituali e sperimentazione.
Babilonia il nuovo album con ospiti Sona Jobarteh,

Mercan Dede, Enzo Avitabile, Don Rico e Badara Seck.

Aria Caddhipulina

Aria Caddhipulina was released in June 2018 and it is a journey through Salento and the South of Italy described by Antonio Castrignanò with six tracks and distributed by Ponderosa Music & Art.


Fomenta, produced by Ponderosa Music & Art, is an additional turning point in Antonio Castrignanò’s already eclectic artistic propositions. It sees him involved in electronic incursions developed alongside Turkish DJ and multi-instrumentalist Mercan Dede: a short circuit for which the musician from Salento once again finds the keystone between his tradition-tied personal expression and expressions inspired by contemporary sounds.


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