Rachele Bastreghi, a Psycho-woman On Tour

rachele bastreghi

24.06.2021, by Luca Testoni

After 20 years in a band (and what a band…), Rachele Bastreghi, Baustelle’s only female member, decided it was time for her to stop and focus on herself.

This focus resulted in the creation of “Psychodonna”, her very first solo album. A record born out of a necessity that was both artistic and human. A sort of self-analysis set to music, conveying her passion for the brilliant experimentations of masters such as Laurie Anderson, Ennio Morricone and Franco Battiato (the latter also an inspiration for fellow Baustelle Francesco Bianconi), as well as for female figures such as Penelope and American poet Anne Sexton. Highlights include collaborations with Silvia Calderoni, Meg and Chiara Mastroianni.

«I feel strangely happy, as well as electrified and slightly scared. I will go back to flirting onstage after a very long time and a sad, frightening year», Rachele explained, sharing her feelings on the eve of her upcoming tour. «Onstage I will speak of a world without borders, without a beginning or an end. Of a world that gave me freedom and sensitivity, that treated me tenderly and roughly, of being in awe of the night and having the courage to dare. Words nail me down and shake me, but soothe me at the same time. Music, in my view, is nothing but an infinite space where we can lose and find ourselves again».

But where and when will we be able to find Rachele onstage again? On Friday, June 25th (around 8 PM) along with her very own ensemble, she will open the Villa Arconati Festival in the magnificent gardens of the eponymous residence in Castellazzo di Bollate. Five days later she will perform in Carpi’s piazza dei Martiri as part of the Festival Mundus. In July, Rachele will be at the Museo Pecci amphitheatre Prato (July 11th) as well as taking part in the Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna festival (July 16th), while in August she will perform at the Summer R”evol”ution in Bergamo (August 13th) and at the Mat Mc in the small town of Montefano, near Macerata (August 28th). Finally, on September 30th, she will perform as part of the Roma Europa Festival in Rome.

Her live ensemble includes Mario Conte (keyboards and programming); Marco “Benz” Gentile (bass, guitar, synth and violin); Marco Carusino (bass and guitar); and Leziero Resigno (drums).


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