November Under the Banner Of Ponderosa

Bugge Wesseltoft

02.11.2021, by Luca Testoni

High-quality music joining together Sweden, Spain and Italy for a November under the banner of Ponderosa.

High-quality music joining together Sweden, Spain and Italy for a November under the banner of Ponderosa.

What an honor, for Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino. On November 12th, the folk ensemble will perform in Las Palmas, on the island of Gran Canaria, as part of the Womad Festival, one of the main international events devoted to world music. It is yet another accolade for a band which is regarded as a veritable “sound machine” and which, by changing its lineup to include new generations, has been carrying the torch of pizzica music nonstop since 1975. Incidentally, the ensemble first conceived by writer Rina Durante and led by her cousin Daniele is now led by Mauro, Daniele’s son, a force of nature who plays his tambourine in time with the vital beat of a sound that has deep roots in oral traditions and past generations, but never forgets to keep its eyes on the present.

The “Canzoniere”’s Spanish performance is one of many musical treats in store for the month of November, courtesy of Ponderosa .

Two live performances under the banner of Ponderosa will take place in Milan, both of them being included in the program of the “Autunno Boreale”(“Northern Autumn”) festival hosted by Volvo Studio Milano: On November 4th, a concert by Norwegian pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, whose signature style is a mixture of jazz and electronic music; two weeks later, on November 18th, the spotlight will shine on Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson, universally acknowledged as one of the key figures of the European jazz scene.

We can’t fail to mention, moreover, the concert by Albanian cellist Redi Hasa, who will play on November 24th in the church of San Silvestro di Bisceglie; on November 11th, the Circolo della Musica di Rivoli will host a performance by the London 69 collective, a supergroup performing pieces by the Beatles, as well as those written by John, Paul, George and Ringo after their breakup. For this performance, the band will be formed by Roberto Angelini, Roberto Dell’Era (Afterhours), Rachele Bastreghi (Baustelle), Andrea “Fish” Pesce (Tiromancino, Riccardo Senigallia), Lino Gitto (The Wistons) and Sebastiano Forte (Tu La Band).

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