autumn 2021

JAZZMI is back again in autumn 2021 to talk about the jazz musical universe in all its variations: its history, its present, its future, the genres with which it interacts, and with which is contaminated.

JAZZMI is a network of synergies that collaborate for the growth, development, and circulation of jazz. It is an innovative project which will link one hundred locations in the city of Milan and the most important media partners and cultural institutions.

JAZZMI was born with roots deeply grounded in the future. It talks about Milan, but also about a world of encounters and transformations.

A project by Associazione JAZZMI and Triennale Milano Teatro, Ponderosa Music & Art and in collaboration with Blue Note Milano, JAZZMI is directed by Luciano Linzi and Titti Santini.

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SO WHAT – 3 Marzo a Base Milano con HENRY WU – MOP MOP – ABSTRACT

SO WHAT è un evento musicale che racconta una delle numerose sfaccettature e contaminazioni di JAZZMI, portando il festival ad una dimensione ibrida tra clubbing e live.
Una combinazione di live set e dj set si alterneranno dalle 22:00 in poi da Base a Milano

JAZZMI 2021: The Best Way To Restart

JAZZMI 2021 continues with the show “The Body of Jazz”, and in its numbers and success we can already see a fantastic return to normality.

Simone Alessandrini: New Orleans Style with a Rock Soul

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Simone Alessandrini, 38 years old, a Roman musician (he plays the alto sax) and composer, who will perform with his Storytellers quintet on Friday, October 29th, as part of JAZZMI FUTURE, a JAZZMI event spotlighting newcomers of Italian jazz hosted by Milan’s Teatro Filodrammatici.

Jazz and the Future, the Future of Jazz

Jazz, after all, is a peculiar genre: drawing life from the heritage of its past great masters, of course, but at the same time constantly reinventing itself and, in this day and age, offering a veritable manifesto about the meaning of the word “change”. Jazz, like a sponge, absorbs everything around it: history, landscapes, the evolution of humanity and social needs. Within this constant change it must make no excuses, but always look towards the future.

JAM THE FUTURE: And the winners are Fool Arcana

JAM THE FUTURE | Music for a new planet, the JAZZMI live music contest for jazz ensembles writing their own music, has finally reached its verdict.

October: Our Live Music Journey Begins Again

After the pandemic brought live music to a grinding halt, this autumn we once again begin to perform, to organize festivals and to export our music all around the world.

JAM THE FUTURE: Music for a new planet

From September 21st to the 30th, seven young Italian jazz bands, selected from over 400 young musicians, will compete in JAM THE FUTURE. The winning group will be granted a chance to present their own compositions on one of the stages of JAZZMI 2021.

Jazzmi 2021, The First Names Have Been Announced

Our long wait is finally over: JAZZMI is beginning to reveal its first dates and prestigious performers, and it does so by staying true to its roots, with the firm belief in the healing power of music and its ability to help us face these challenging times. 

Waiting for JAZZMI 2021

Starting October 21st, JAZZMI will be back with an (as yet under wraps) program filled to the brim with live performances, movies, special events, meet-and-greets and much more.


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