La Musica dei Cieli

19 June / 3 August 2021

LA MUSICA DEI CIELI comes back from 19 of June to 3 of August.
La Musica dei Cieli is a festival that since 1996 promotes the meeting and dialogue between cultures through the music of spirituality, presenting a series of coordinated concerts in places of worship, theaters, and music venues in Lombardy and other important Italian cities. 

In addition to the concerts of some of the world’s most important performers of the spiritual traditions, LA MUSICA DEI CIELI realizes special projects for the transcendent repertoires with the protagonists of the Italian music scene.

LA MUSICA DEI CIELI not only offers the occasion to listen to music hailing from ancient and distant traditions, but also the opportunity to reflect and discuss anthropologic connections, like sacredness and religiousness that nowadays tend to be oversimplified or homologated to modern communication processes. Instead, the universal language of music can be one of the privileged practices to decode the new millennium, a bridge between different civilizations, an opportunity for a real encounter not mediated by devices, a definitive return of human competence to humans.

Since 2018 LA MUSICA DEI CIELI has been producing by Associazione Beatmi.

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Mauro Durante & Justin Adams: Still Moving! (In Spite of Everything)

The odd (but very well matched) couple formed by Mauro Durante & Justin Adams continues their live performances on the road. While waiting for their album “still moving” to be released by Ponderosa in October, you will be able to see them play live on Saturday, July 17th at the church of Sant’Ambrogio in Trezzano sul Naviglio, and on the 28th as part of the Colline Mediterranee festival in Salerno.

Djivan Gasparyan: goodbye to the master of the duduk

From his debut in his twenties to an internationally successful career, Ponderosa pays homage to Djivan Gasparian, Master of the duduk.

Redi Hasa: Music Will Enter Your Soul Without Knocking

From Nirvana to Bach, by way of Ludovico Einaudi and the Beatles: fresh from releasing a new deluxe edition of his debut album The Stolen Cello, Redi Hasa spoke to us about his inspirations.

La Musica dei Cieli 2021: Summer of Spirituality

Having been put on hold last winter as Italy suffered through its second Covid-19 wave, the festival is now staging a surprising comeback with a special summer edition, which will attempt to satisfy a deep need for togetherness, the inevitable reaction to many months of social distancing and lockdowns. The summer festival’s performances will be held at the two abbeys of Chiaravalle and Morimondo, as well as the Santuario della Beata Vergine di Montevecchia, the Triennale gardens in Milan’s Parco Sempione, and the parks of Villa Arconati in Castellazzo di Bollate and of Villa Olmo in Como.

Eight Tours to Dream With Live Music Once More

Ora intravediamo finalmente una possibilità all’orizzonte di poter tornare a sognare nelle piazze italiane e per celebrare il ritorno alla vita, vi consigliamo i prossimi tour organizzati da Ponderosa Music & Art: Avion Travel, Pacifico, Redi Hasa, Francesco Bianconi, Arto Linsday, Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, Boosta


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