Villa Arconati FAR – Music Festival 2021

25 June / 17 July 2021

Since 1989 during the warm summer evenings, hundreds of contemporary “travelers” come to Castellazzo to listen to a concert performed by nationally and internationally renowned musicians.

The Villa Arconati Festival is a musical and cultural project realized thanks to the collaboration between the Municipality of Bollate, Augusto Rancilio Foundation, and the sponsors of the event. The origin of the festival traces back to 1985 when Villa Arconati was opened to the public for the first time to host classical music concerts. The musical performance became, starting from 1989, the Villa Arconati Festival, which, during all these years, has affirmed itself as one of the most prestigious events of Milan’s summer.

The wide engagement and appeal that the Festival exerts on the audience, are the demonstration of how it is possible to promote culturally successful and prestigious events in the hinterland of a city like Milan.

2021 edition:
25/06 Rachele Bastrenghi
03/07 Il Quadro di Troisi
28/06 Avion Travel (La Musica dei Cieli)
04/07 Remo Anzovino (La Musica dei Cieli)
09/07 Cristina Donà
10/07 Michela Murgia
16/07 Aljazzeera feat. Frankie Hi-nrg MC
17/07 Moni Ovadia

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Thirty-one days, sixteen artists artists and sixty-one concerts

Thirty-one. Sixteen. Sixty-one. Thirty-one for the days in the month of July. Sixteen for the number of artists from the Ponderosa team who will play live on tour throughout the course of this month. Sixty-one, for the number of concerts they will perform all around Italy. These are blessed numbers for live performers, who were hit hard by the lockdown and color-coded restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rachele Bastreghi, a Psycho-woman On Tour

After 20 years in a band (and what a band…), Rachele Bastreghi, Baustelle’s only female member, decided it was time for her to stop and focus on herself.

Back to Bollate With The Villa Arconati Festival

The Villa Arconati Festival comes back to Bollate, Milan’s very own little Versailles. Guided tours, excursions, theater and a lot (and we mean a lot) of music.

With Eyes Wide Open: Pacifico Comics

What would happen if characters from beloved songs left their records and took shape, took life, began to think and react? Would it be a dream coming true, or would we ourselves turn into a dream?

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