Micah P. Hinson

Zurich – CH


Originally from the gigantic state of Texas, through his music Micah P. Hinson traforms into a minstrel who tells his audience numerous stories, full of different facets, using words that are never banal and rather blunt. The stage becomes a cozy home where Micah lays himself bare, connecting music with his innermost soul. 2022 was the year he presented his latest studio project “I Lie to You” in which a story emerges, his own, written through the transparency of songs about love, absence and regret. “I realized I was almost always writing about my previous relationships and situations, and that meant I had nowhere to go,” Hinson said. “How can you progress as a human being toward the future if all you do is write about all the things that chain you to the past? “A hoarse, weather-marked voice, music that is true and sincere but poignant and unreassuring. A perfect mix of melancholy and melancholy intertwined with the halo of mystery and fascination that hovers around his figure

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