Ludovico Einaudi

Cité de Carcassonne – FR

  • 22.07.2024
  • 21:30
  • Esplanade Theatre
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Often presented as the pioneer of neo-classicalism, the famous composer and virtuoso pianist Ludovico Einaudi is on the bill at the 2024 Carcassonne Festival for an exceptional recital! 

His minimalist and shimmering compositions have toured the world and seduced the cinema: from Nanni Moretti (in 1998 for Aprile) to Xavier Dolan (in Mommy), including the French hit Intouchables, the gentle melodic epics of Ludovico Einaudi have no equal in suggesting a host of emotions, from the most melancholic to the most exalted. His work is thrilling, seductive, elegant, meditative and often introspective. And for good reason: it moves as much as it captivates. It is therefore no coincidence that the music of this Italian pianist-composer fascinates filmmakers around the world; the power of evocation and attraction of Einaudi’s instrumentals is immediate and magnetic. A true initiation rite with tunes that are as moving as they are invigorating, it is no surprise that the latter met with rapid success on the international scene. Nature is also a great source of inspiration for the pianist, which notably led him to carry out a series of eleven concerts immersed in breathtaking landscapes (nature reserves, lakes, valleys, etc.), accessible only on foot, at dawn, at dusk and under a starry sky. But it is the experience of suspended time during confinement, “with the outside world calm and silent”, which led Ludovico Einaudi to his last solo piano album, released in 2022 and entitled “Underwater”, “a metaphor fluidity without external interference. The tour for this album, which offers a fresher and more immediate approach to music, is now sold out in the most prestigious venues in North and South America, Europe and Central Asia.

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