Sainkho Namtchylak

Who Stole The Sky?

It is easy to understand why Sainkho Namtchylak is considered one of the icons of avant-garde music: she is exceptionally good at creating the unexpected. However, unlike others in her same musical field, Sainkho has also a strong propensity for melody which makes her music accessible to a wider audience. Both these strong points are shown in Who Stole the Sky?, together with a captivating atmosphere and the ever-present overtone singing.

Exhibiting the different angles of her personality, Namtchylak produced her typical unusual album, taking the chance of using eccentric juxtapositions and making the album the first take on the future of music.


1. Music Mail To Tuva 5:25
2. Who Stole The Sky? 2:33
3. Runnin’ Tapes 6:15
4. Predchuvstije 3:58
5. Digital Mutation 5:34
6. Electric City 5:37
7. Kaar Deerge 2:24
8. Ohm Suhaa 5:22
9. Amidiral 2:24
10. Temple Of Majtreja 19:29

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