Sainkho Namtchylak

Where Water Meets Water: Bird Songs and Lullabies

Sainko Namtchylak and Grammy-winning producer, Ian Brennan return with a set of songs improvised and recorded on location across the abandoned islands of Venice.
Sainkho speaks four languages (Tuvan, Russian, English, German), but chose for this collection to sing phonetically in the “language of nature.”.

The main accompanying instrument on the album is water. Recorded on-

location and 100% live without overdubs, the album is a celebration of simultaneity.
In defiance of the “visual album” trend where image often carries more weight than sound, the goal of this project was to create an “audio film” indelibly imbued by time and place.


  1. Inside Asylum
  2. Search & Rescue
  3. Migration Trails 
  4. Rising Tides 
  5. At Pier’s Edge
  6. Reverse Healing
  7. Singing to the Sea 

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