Sainkho Namtchylak

Time Out

Sainkho Namtchylak’s voice, which easily switches from a crystalline soprano to a magnificent baritone, is put at service of the traditional songs of her homeland in Time Out. Lyrical songs, intimately connected with love and nature, and “work songs”, which are used to make more work efforts more bearable. Sainkho highlights this characteristic of the songs, pointing out the affinities with blues and folk heritage of American black people. The musical formation accompanying the singer demonstrates once again her will to freely move between different cultures and styles: guitars, self-made instruments, African percussions, sampling, and loops.


1. Sakramento 4:46
2. Tuvan Blues 4:53
3. Kaar Deerge Chouvulangnig [Pity To Leave Him] 4:50
4. Mogeler Dugajinda Iri [Dedicated To My President] 3:17
5. Ovyur 3:48
6. Meng Tyvam [My Soul Tuva] 6:47
7. Creation Song 4:37

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