Sainkho Namtchylak

Stepmother City

Through an accurate musical research that led the singer from Tuva to Europe passing through Moscow, Sainkhowanted to blend techniques and melodies from her homeland with experiences from avant-garde and experimental music, jazz, and electronics. Stepmother City is a journey from Tuvan traditions to metropolitan sounds, a mixture of traditional Asian acoustic instruments, overtone singing, acoustic guitar, and DJ.


1. Introduction 1:45
2. Dance Of Eagle 4:36
3. Like Transparent Shadow 5:10
4. Order To Survive 5:41
5. Let The Sunshine 3:41
6. Ritual Virtuality 4:27
7. Tuva Blues 5:06
8. Old Melodie 4:13
9. Lonely Soul 7:44
10. Boomerang 8:45

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