Ludovico Einaudi

Seven Days Walking

Ludovico Einaudi’s great project reaches its final stage with the publication of the seven albums that make up Seven Days Walking. The success of Seven Day Walking was immediate since the release of Day One, a classic album that set the streaming record in the first week of release.

The world tour was sold out at each of the international venues. Seven Days Walking arises from the sensations gathered during a walk along the same path over seven days: each time the experience changes according to a series of factors (the weather, the season, one’s mood, the appearance of animals, a different view of the landscape, etc.), one album per month for seven months.

A journey traveled and spent in the silence of a mountain road: whispers, breaths, slowness, introspection. 

Seven Days Walking, available formats
Box Seven Days Walking, Day one – Day seven |

Day one, single CD |
Day seven, single CD |

Day one vinyl, single LP |
Day seven vinyl, single LP |

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