Ludovico Einaudi


Nightbook contains all new tracks by Ludovico Einaudi, the composition of which followed the tour dates that saw him perform on stages worldwide: the Italian pianist kept filling up notebooks with thoughts, reflections, and suggestions, recording the “musical notes” that turned into the soul of this project.

The project is characterized by prominent freedom of expression, also fostered by the precious collaboration with Marco Decimo’s cello and the electronic influences of Ronald Lippok: many compositions have an open structure, with original sounds obtained by the encounter of the piano with the strings and electronic music. Other tracks are permeated by a circular, hypnotic, moving aura that makes Einaudi’s music unique.


1. In Principio (2:51)
2. Lady Labyrinth (5:30)
3. Nightbook (5:50)
4. Indaco (5:21)
5. The Snow Prelude N. 15 (4:28)
6. Eros” (5:36)
7. The Crane Dance (3:05)
8. The Snow Prelude N. 2 (4:08)
9. The Tower (4:40)
10. Reverie (4:40)
11. Bye Bye Mon Amour” (7:37)
12. The Planets” (7:07)
13. Solo” (Hidden Track, 8:46)

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