Demian Dorelli

Nick Drake’s “PINK MOON”, a Journey on Piano

Pink Moon is the last of three albums recorded by British songwriter Nick Drake during his too short life and is an alluring collection of raw, deep, and, at the same time, enlightening and enchanting songs.

Nick drake’s music career began at Cambridge University and coincidence sees that Cambridge is also the city where Demian Dorelli currently resides and who, together with his friend and schoolmate Alberto Fabris, asked a question that will be pivotal for his artistic growth: Would it be possible to imagine Drake’s ethereal musical landscape in another form? Demian as a pianist and Alberto as a producer decided to accept the challenge and try to find a solution.

In Nick Drake’s PINK MOON, a Journey on Piano’s eleven piano-only tracks, Demian explores and pays homage to Nick Drake, to his unmistakable way of playing the guitar, his lyricism, to the shining melodies, through a meditated distillation and a curated transcription from an instrument to another, giving life to the entire color spectrum of the black and white keyboard.


1. Pink Moon
2. Place to Be
3. Road 4. Which Will
5. Horn
6. Things Behind the Sun
7. Know
8. Parasite
9. Free Ride
10. Harvest Breed
11. From the Morning

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