Sainkho Namtchylak

Like A Bird Or Spirit, Not a Face

Like A Bird Or Spirit, Not A Face, is the realization of the greatest desire of Sainkho Namtchylak, the legendary voice of Tuva (with more than ten albums published), to meet and work with North African musicians.

All of this was possible thanks to multi-nominated and Grammy Award-winning producer Ian Brennan. The two met in France with the rhythmical section of Tinariwen and were able to compose and record in a couple of days a double album, creating a magical encounter between two cultures rich in nomad traditions that, even if they come from completely different continents, have easily found inspiration in a joint (and most of all unique) dialogue to represent their musical, social and cultural realities, both protagonists of a struggle for survival.

Sung in Tuvan, Russian, and English, the music of Like A Bird Or Spirit, Not A Face, wanders from the punk-rock of the steppe to fascinating repetitive and dilated sounds, producing epic ballads.


1. Nomadic Mood
2. The Road Back
3. Dushkan Ezim To
4. So Strange! So Strange! 
5. Worker Song (Nomads Dance Around the Fire)
6. Erge Chokka To 
7. Melody in My Heart
8. Nomadic Blues 
9. The Snow Fall Without You
10. Nostagia To

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