Italo Barock(Q)

“Italo Barock(Q) is an album of contradictions: it is cultured music for amateurs, but also dance music for pundits. It is provincial world music, with which you can suddenly find yourself in Romagna after traveling around the world twice, between South America, Europe and Japan. You can rummage through avant-garde and antiquities while enjoying a bit of Martian exotica and cerebral tropicalism, not caring about the difference between serious stuff and taking the piss..” -Alfredo Nuti

Italo barock(Q ) is Supermarket’s second album, and it follows by a few years Portobello (2016), their debut live album, distributed in a few copies through the Romagna-based label L’amor mio non muore from Forlì. With Italo barock(Q ), that work of postmodern reprocessing of countless so-called “exotic” genres, which has been the key to the group’s musical research since the beginning, is being perfected with different but complementary production modes. After an initial period, therefore, marked by the most extreme immediacy and unpredictability of “live” playing and analog live recording, this latest album is instead an experiment in artificial and “in the box” production, entirely conceived, played and programmed by Alfredo Nuti in home recording. Only later, at the suggestion of producer Alberto Fabris, will the album be entirely transferred to tape and mixed by Fabris himself in analog, and then mastered by Tim Oliver at Top Cat Music, within Real World Sudios, (Bath, UK). It is information technology, however, and virtuality that are at the center of the post/”something” imagery that runs through the entire work, where excerpts of ancient dance music are exhibited in the form of corrupted audio files, digital glitches, and meet with the “Italian-style” soundtrack, rock’n’roll, and techno. 8bit orchestrations go in search of South America and contemporary jazz; improbable, revived, guitar virtuosity seeks its electronic dimension in interstellar space. On the other hand, musical junk: from the MIDI gingers that in everyday life decorate shopping malls and amusement parks, to elevator music, everything is reused as possible material, and mixed into a hysterical soundtrack for non-places, and androids dreaming of being human.

Italo Barock(q) is the second album by the Supermarket, released by Ponderosa Music Records and produced by Alberto Fabris.



2.Fake Tropicalia

3.Algebra waltz (serenata per un fotone)

4.Tikitoko megastore 

5.Medioman Polka


7.Ego echo etrom 

8. Ciao ragazzi (YouTubers dream)

9. Brandeburger




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